Laundry is Divine

The sun drenched woman sat in her favorite shorts and t’shirt on her stoop smoking her favorite cigarettes. She drew in each inhale slowly and savored it as if it were her last.  Enjoying the sweet, heavy, fragrant night ocean air, something floated into her peripheral vision.  A marvel of grace and delicateness began to slowly descend the stairs across from her.  The dark glisten of her hair, glow of her light skin, and wispy nature of her clothing created a surreal moment.

This dream of beauty spoke, “Aloha. Good evening. How are you?” the sultry voice carried evenly across the humid air.

“Good”, the warm golden woman answered, “You look stunning! Where ARE you heading?”

“Oh, just doing laundry”, the angelic presence replied. Apparently even apparitions of supple elegance need clean clothing.

“Wow! You sure do bring a new art to laundry”, she exclaimed, as the vision of beauty, grace and strong shakti floated by her on delicate tiny feet.

This treasure of a darling star drifted past smoothly leaving a trail of sweet sandalwood in her wake….  And this is how laundry became the most important detail of all….  ❤

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