We matter more than we can imagine…

ImageIts come into my awareness that for a long time Ive told myself the things I do don’t really matter in the big picture of the universe.  I know now this was to rationalize the things I thought I wanted (craved really).  But now I realize that is a bunch of crap.  Every single action we take is important.  Every single thing we do or don’t do has a major impact on the effectiveness of our ability to live our lives fully and completely.  We matter.  Our words matter.  Our actions matter.  The hello we say to a stranger matters.  The choice between eating healthy at home or grabbing mcdonalds matters.  Its all so big we cant even fathom how much we matter.  Though our actions may feel like pebbles, those pebbles make long lasting ripples throughout our life and the life of the Universe. You matter. And I love you.

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