Ayurvedic Beauty Tip :: Ghee as moisturizer

ImageWhile cooking I discovered that I was wasting a lot of ghee & coconut oil.  I would use my hands to coat veggies for roasting and be left with a layer of oily goodness on my skin.  When using measuring cups or spoons, there would be a layer of oil left in them as well.  One day, without really thinking about it, I took the ghee leftovers and began to smear it on my arms.  About 4 hours later, I smelled souring dairy and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  You guessed it, my arms!  So after some trial, error, funny smells and such, I have perfected the art of using my cooking oils as beauty products.

  • Ghee :: after using my hands to spread ghee around on veggies or what-have-you, I do a quick rinse of my hands to wash off any food particles or molecules of dairy fat that may be stuck there.  What I have left on my hands is the pure golden ghee in all its oily glory.  I then rub my elbows, knees & feet with the ghee and massage it into my hands for a couple minutes.  Now I smell like popcorn!  And I have soft skin without spending a bajillion dollars on creams. Yum & score.
  • Coconut Oil :: After emptying the oil out of its measuring device, I use clean hands to wipe all the leftover oil out of the spoon/cup and begin to lightly smooth it between my palms.  I then apply the oil to my face & neck, paying special attention to the dryer areas.  Viola!  Instead of washing that extra (expensive) oil down the drain, I’ve nourished my oh-so-sensitive facial skin.  Glow to the nth power!  *It’s best to use raw unprocessed oil on your skin. Coconut & sesame are good ones.*

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