Looking into the Moon :: June 9-15

Consider the concept of the planets as representations of a variety of human experiences. For example, in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology & Astronomy), the moon represents our emotions, feelings, reflective intelligence & social tendencies amongst other things. So when we look at what the moon is currently doing, we can gain an understanding of why we are thinking or feeling a certain way. The current position of the moon gives us a peek into the overarching temperature of our mental & emotional processes.

:: For this week, we start in a place of truth seeking and feel the need to expand. Enthusiasm abounds and since we might face dramatic changes mid-week, it will be helpful to hold onto that forward momentum for as long as possible. Toward the end of the week our creativity could show itself in a new format, one we may have never considered before. Let the fruits flow! If feelings of restlessness pop up we must remember that we are infinitely powerful and capable of more that we can imagine. Refocus and keep up! ::

To get even deeper, we can view the current position of the moon in relation to its placement at our birth and find much juicier information into our emotional field, receptivity & relationships. Learning about ourselves through tools of inquiry such as Jyotish is extremely helpful as we move through the craziness of human life. Giving us reinforcement and guidance without judgement, astrology is an amazing proponent for showing us our best selves, our worst selves and how to navigate the waters amidst them all.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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