Looking into the Moon :: June 17-23

moonBringing our awareness to the moon can heighten our understanding of how our feelings, emotions & creative processes are behaving.  The movement of the moon this week continues to support high creativity but it must be from an honest & authentic place within us.  Release the inner critic, let yourSelf flow freely into all of your creations & allow the fruits of your labor to bloom.  Find some time to appreciate beauty mid-week & if you start to feel restless, dance or do some charity work!  Toward the end of the week find success, achievement, gifts & harvest your fruits.  We also see the moon in a more mystical, sensual & intuitive place by the end of the week.  Be courageous and welcome transitions.  The weekend finds us feeling a bit more open-minded, friendly & spiritual.  Somethings may break apart or fall into ruin but if we listen to our intuition we can see the destruction as a rebirth.  Take the pieces, melt them down & make something way more awesome!

2 thoughts on “Looking into the Moon :: June 17-23

  1. I am interested in what you have to share. I must admit that I too am a student of Jyotish and would love to connect with other Jyotishis. Please, contact me, I am looking to evolve.

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