Looking into the Moon :: June 24th – 30th

chandraBased on the moon’s position in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), we can see the general energy moving around & within us. To go deeper & understand how this energy plays out on a more personal level, we look at the relationship between our personal planetary placements at time of birth & the current movement of the heavens.

:: The beginning of the week finds us feeling more philosophical with an interest in spiritual liberation IF we have balanced the ego to be our tool instead of our master. Flashes of intuitive inspiration can happen more often & we are feeling extra attractive. Take that high self-confidence & share brilliance & beauty with the world by doing humanitarian work to combat any feelings of loneliness that may arise. Also, fertility is high right now so make a baby if you want one. 🙂 Mid-week be sure to listen to the soft whispers of cosmic intelligence within & make appropriate connections that support your life path. Let go of any rigidity, jealousy or materialism & express compassion through music, knowledge & eloquence toward humanity. The end of the week is a good time to focus on health & healing or to study herbal & flower remedies. If feelings of anxiety or anger arise, be sure to give yourself some alone time & commune with your more eccentric side. The weekend brings more stability & self-control with our emotions & behaviors plus a bit more cheerfulness & prosperity. Creative intelligence is abundant & its a good time to begin a search or start a long journey. If feelings of inferiority or extreme sensitivity arise, play with an animal that you love! Over all, enJOY your week & have fun!
In jyoti,

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