Astrology Heads-up :: Mercury in Retrograde

ImageWednesday, Mercury went retrograde so be prepared for technology & communication challenges. Practice patience, patience, patience for the next 3 weeks. Also, the Moon moved into Aquarius which can help us be more friendly and courteous but can also leave us feeling a little depressed at times. When you feel low, do something nice for someone else and watch how their glow transforms you as well.

Some things we can do to help mercurial energy :: chant mantra, make time for silence of the mind and relaxation in nature, study spiritual philosophies that emphasize reason & discrimination (like Vedanta), study Sanskrit or other sacred languages, study math, read, write, think, and smell the plumeria flowers.  Most of all, be gentle with yourself and others and back-up all important digital data. 😉

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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