Cashew Milk :: My dear love…

Oh cashew milk, how i love thee…  All my life I have loved creamy dairy foods and all my life, my dosha (Ayurvedic consitutional make-up) has perpetuated a love/hate relationship with dairy.  My vata welcomed the heaviness, my pitta enjoyed the sweet but my kapha always created sludge inside my body as a reaction to milk, ice cream, cheese and any other delicious creamy item you can name. I tried cutting it out altogether and realized I was creating more strife around my relationship with food so I began a search.  At the end of my rainbow was a vitamix and raw cashews creating a creamy, delicious, less-sludge inducing milk I could enjoy regularly.  The nice thing is that you dont really need a vitamix to make cashew milk.  If you soak your raw cashews overnight they become full of water and much softer to where a regular blender can process them.

Into the blender/vitamix goes:

2 cups of water

1/2 cup of raw cashews

Blend for about one minute.  You can strain it through cheese cloth if you want to but I like leaving all the pulp in there.  It makes the milk creamier.  Store in a clean glass jar in the refrigerator for about 2 days. I usually prefer to make just the amount I need fresh each time but it can helpful to have some already made ahead of a busy day. You can also add some honey for sweetener if you desire.  I use this milk like any dairy milk…  to bake, over cereal or granola, in tea, in sauces, to drink, etc.

:: Notes :: Ive tried almonds but dont like how gritty the pulp is or how watery the ‘milk’ is. Ive tried walnuts and they are delicious but a little expensive. I wonder what mac nut milk might taste like?  Guess I will soon find out! 😀

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