Looking into the Moon :: July 1-7

The moon begins the week at the beginning. It has come back into the sign of Aries and the fiery lunar mansions. You can find an easier connection to your childlike spirit at the start of the week. Keep in mind to balance any impulsiveness with soft self-discipline especially through breath control (pranayama), hatha yoga and meditation. Mid-week can bring a sense of determination as your mind’s fire strives to cut through negativity to reach the truth in any situation.  Also, if you’ve been wanting to try out a new recipe in the kitchen or reevaluate your relationship with food, Wednesday is a good day to do it! The end of the week finds the moon in Taurus and the mind turns to more sensual and material matters. You may find yourself wanting to overindulge so turn to pleasurable activities that truly nurture and revitalize you. The weekend brings support for you to manifest your ideas into the material plane.  There may also be some turmoil in your life but the lesson here is that turmoil always leads to something new.  Observe the drama and ask what it is trying to teach you.  With the moon making its way into Gemini, your emotions can become more vocal and impassioned. Listen deeply and listen again before making any drastic decisions.  Be bold but be smart about it!

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