Looking into the Moon :: July 8 – 14

full moon waterMonday has the Moon moving into Cancer & the lunar mansion Punarvasu according to Vedic Astrology.  Your attention may turn to friends & family as you feel more nurturing & social. There’s a strong possibility of gaining wealth and making life changes as well.  If you begin to feel fickle or overly critical, bring your attention back to the word ‘nurture’ & act accordingly. As the week progresses, you may face some self-doubt due to other’s opinions of you. Come back to your spiritual practice to restore faith in self & tranquility. Tuesday is a powerful day to set forces in motion related to your dharma. Mid-week your understanding will be more penetrating & thoughtful. If self-deception or mental instability appear, take time to be alone & reconnect to your personal power. Once reconnected you can tap into your ambition & leadership abilities to help others. By the end of the week, it’s time to rest & recuperate. This is a supportive moment for marital happiness & healthy enjoyment of pleasurable direct experiences. Be aware of tendencies toward impulsiveness or cravings. The weekend brings more reservation into your emotions while supplying opportunities for growth & creative expansion. You may find manifesting what you seek happening with ease. It’s easier to feel protective over friends & family here but keeping a helpful, instead of defensive, attitude toward others can really help. The attention you’ve paid to your health in the past becomes more obvious on Sunday. You may experience great healing or find more health issues on this day. To make the most of this week, start a new health-inducing habit Monday the 8th.

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