Looking into the Moon :: July 15 – 21

chandraFace it, you have feelings. Your feelings about your life & your world create your external responses. When you increase your awareness of your emotions & listen to what they are communicating to you, you can guide your responses to the environment more easily.  Consider someone cutting you off in traffic.  How do you usually feel about this?  Do you feel angry, disrespected or insignificant? Maybe you feel thankful there wasn’t an accident or empathy for the driver since they must be having a bad day?  These emotions then elicit your responses to that incident.  Maybe you curse, yell, speed up, honk, tighten your grip on the wheel, tense your shoulders, clench your teeth or maybe you slow down and send the driver thoughts of peace.  Either way, your feelings about the situation lead you to a reaction.  Regardless of what type of human you are, humans responses to the material world are based on personal emotions.  This is where the moon becomes our saving grace.  Looking into the moon’s activity helps us get an objective perspective on our minds, emotions and how they work to create our perception of the world.

Consider these metaphors for the journey of our mind, emotions and responses this week ::

Monday to Tuesday morning, the moon is like a most beautiful gentle tigress shining her radiant divine spirit brilliantly. Her perfect deep eyes can peer into the caverns of the soul. She can bring out the improver, server, artist, musician, dancer or actor from within as well as the arrogant, self-indulgent ego. The key here is relaxing the ego and instead of worrying about “I”, consider everything from a “we” perspective. 

She then morphs into an independent male buffalo who is restless, adventurous and easily sways with the movement around him to handle change. This virtuous sweet buffalo loves to share and learn although sometimes he is self-centered and too scattered. Its important to spend some time alone so you can refocus.

Wednesday the moon becomes a large tree with leaves that shimmer like fire, who delights in providing protection for others.  She imparts energy and strength while giving optimism and hope for future successes.  Acts of patience and gratitude serve you well here. 

On Thursday the moon is an intuitive, friendly, persevering deer who travels around courageously.  She investigates, calls everyone to action and organizes to promote cooperation.  Sometimes she can be jealous and too controlling so its helpful to step out of your comfort zone and let others lead and find happiness in their successes. 

Friday the moon changes into an analytical elder warrior who is truthful, daring and slays inner dragons with courage and cunning.  He can be secretive and irritable but succeeds when focusing on self-control and self-effort. Are there any areas of life you need to bring more self-control too?

The weekend begins and the moon is a stray male dog who likes to dig for the root of things.  He’s inquisitive and exploratory yet everything always seem to fall apart around him.  This pup loves to take bold, brash actions which tend to create more pain in his life.  If only he knew that the pain is guiding him toward a higher path.  Guiding your passions in an appropriate direction is a must this day! 

Sunday the moon changes into an invincible archer who is popular with the people because of his ability to empathize with them. He influences others with intuitive flashes about the inner truth of higher law.  He can be proud and egotistical sometimes acting without consideration for others.  Today is a day for personal surrender.  Let go and let the universe move you. 

This will prepare you for the moon’s next shift into an elephant who is resting on a very sturdy bed.  He holds a deep inner peace and is always concerned for others.  His ability to relax and journey on a spiritual quest can also lead to laziness.  If the end of the weekend leaves you feeling lethargic or apathetic, call up someone that you know could use your help or volunteer your time somewhere.  Any help given will leave you feeling victorious.  Plus it’s easier to sleep well and begin your Monday if you feel triumphant!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Looking into the Moon :: July 15 – 21

  1. The moon can change the view and the mood of people. I enjoyed your description how the moon can effect our life and thoughts. I believe the stars and the moon can direct our energy and drive.

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