Astrological Heads Up!

ImageYesterday the Sun moved into the constellation of Cancer. The Sun is our Spiritual Father and represents who we really are deep inside minus the masks and roles we wear and play. While in Cancer, the Sun interacts with the Moon, our Divine Mother representing intuition, creativity and our emotions. These two playing together make for a wonderfully spiritually oriented month. During this time, you may feel your inner nurturer more strongly and desire to care and cook for friends and family to encourage deeper exchanges of intimate feelings. Your imagination is likely to be more active as well. Manifest those imaginings into the world and create connections with others. This is a time to shine!

Today Venus has moved into the constellation of Leo. Venus represents the lover in us, the muse and our aspiration to do good. She shows how appreciating the beautiful aesthetics of life brings us harmony. While in Leo, Venus interacts with the Sun. This dynamic can bring more attention to self-love for the next month. When’s the last time you did something really beautiful for yourself just because? Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to find time to bring more beauty into your life. The kind of beauty that makes your heart skip a beat and your breath catch in your throat. The kind of beauty that makes you realize just how amazing you are. Which is infinitely! ❤

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