Looking into the Moon :: July 29 – August 4

The beginning of this week can have you searching for adventure or something to relieve boredom. With high energy around your emotions it will be more beneficial to bring some stillness into your life. Yogis will find more success in holding asana for longer periods of time to balance out the rashness that can surface here. If your free spirit is a little too free for your liking, redirect that energy into your intimate or creative life. A little bit of willpower will go a long way as this week commences.

Mid-week your ability to get at the truth is enhanced. Your wit will be sharper and your imagination will be higher. Yogis can enhance their energy with a practice focused on the throat and heart energy centers. This will help soften the critical intensity of the moon’s placement. You can also encourage inner growth and creativity here by avoiding overindulgence. Redirect those desires for excess by simplifying your diet and practicing pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses inward).

The end of the week pulls you to investigate, move, travel and change. Instead of allowing this energy to run away with your life, direct it in your search for spiritual truth. Yogis who work on seated asanas here will find stability to support that inward search.  The benefits of working with (instead of against) this energy will bring a new comprehension of the universe and your own mind. Patience will bring clarity.

The weekend will be a time for renewal. Enjoy the beauty in your life. Take some time to list all the things you are grateful for in your life and encourage a feeling of blessed abundance. Meditation will soothe anxiety these days and help you move smoothly into the next week.


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