Cosmic Weather Report :: Today’s Moon

Today is a good day to research and gather higher knowledge in order to spend time in contemplation. Healing practices using fasting, herbs & natural medicines find success today. It’s a great day to get married, exercise, construct or decorate something but avoid shopping. Indulge your adventurous spirit today and do something new or exciting. The danger of today is in accusations and fights. If you start playing the blame game with someone else, simply stop and take a few long slow breaths to reset. It might even be best to table the disruptive matter until tomorrow. Enjoying the beauty of life through mantra, singing or playing music is very beneficial today.

Astrology Nerd Info :: Chandra (Moon) is in constellations Vrishchika/Dhanus (Scorpio/Sagittarius) plus the lunar mansion of Mula. It is the tithi of Ekadasi.

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