Astrological Heads Up :: Budha (Mercury)

ImageBudha (Mercury) has joined Surya (Sun) in the constellation of Simha (Leo).  Budha represents education, communication, speech, writing, directing and organizing thoughts plus your ability to discriminate truth from illusion.  This will help support your internal exploration of true self-identity while Surya lives in Simha.

We can use the placement of Budha to enhance our inward listening. Communication is not merely outward moving information from you to others but also inward moving information from others to you and from you to yourself.

As you use your yogic practices to dive deeper inward, you will likely come upon a couple of voices. One part of you talks about all the greatness that you hold and the limitlessness of your abilities. Another part of you talks about how small you are and how you aren’t good enough or smart enough or ______________ enough. Sometimes you may believe one or the other. Now is a time when you can more easily identify the lies that you tell yourself.  The lies about how terrible of a person you are or how plain and insignificant you are can be seen in their entirety and discounted. Use Budha to discern between the Truth of your infinite beauty and the lies of the limited ego. If you are feeling inspired to do so, share your inner struggles and experiences with others. Teach your friends and family to listen to their own inner Truth.

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