Astrology Tip of the Day & a Heads Up!

Astrology Tip of the Day ::

Compassion is key! You may find uncomfortable emotions rising up more easily. Continue to observe them, keep your cool, slow your breath and find compassion for whatever it is that upset you. Also consider why that person/occurrence led to such a reaction within you. All yogic techniques are favored today, as well as beginning a new practice. If you were planning on ending something today, it will be best to wait or do it before 5pm HST.

Astrological Heads Up ::

With Shukra moving into Simha relationships move to the forefront for the next 27 days. We can use our compassion and diplomacy to bring harmony and balance to our close relationships. Be aware of tendencies to manipulate in relationships and from people of power. Use art to create social change. Enjoy beauty and take time to look at the clouds. If you’ve been interested in picking up a new musical instrument or learning a new artistic technique, this month is perfect for it. Make a point to enjoy life!

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