Astrology Tip of the Day & a Heads Up {Jyotish}

Astrology Tip of the Day ::

Begin! Today is a day for beginnings. Think long term before deciding on what to start up. Plants seeds, create a new yoga space, open up honest communication between you and a partner to build intimacy… Start something today that will enhance your life and your world for a long time to come. After 5pm HST, it is an excellent time to study Vedic topics or any self-inquiry based philosophies. It’s also best to put some energy into your hobbies or arts or crafts at this time.

Astrological Heads Up!

Budha moves into Kanya :: Focusing on self-improvement will harness the discerning mind in a positive fashion. If the critical mind is left to wander, discontent with your life will occur. Use the stronger energies of organizing and analyzing to create practices in your life that will lead to deeper self-inquiry instead of putting them toward the material world. Through the 24th of September, acts of service and healing will help guide the mind toward higher consciousness. Make it a point to selflessly act for the benefit of someone in need.

*note* Budha = Mercury; Kanya = Virgo

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