Astrological Tip of the Day ::

Be graceful. This doesn’t mean you have to be a ballerina or a saint. Find grace, elegance & fluidity in your daily actions. Do one thing at a time and really notice every nuance of your movements. Let your life dance today. Create something to share with others. As creativity is not merely visual arts, dancing or writing, take a deeper looking into what you do & find the creative seed in each action. When you decide on your clothing, make your bed or cook, know you are creating beauty in your life. When you design a new method for improving your work or develop a workshop to teach; know you are sharing creativity with your community. If you are drawn to art and dance, start a new piece today and share your passion with others. And of course, have gourmet sex! Emotional & physical intimacy with a partner builds grounds to create more than a baby; you can create your life through this deep amorous connection. We each hold seeds of creativity within so do the universe a favor & share. ❤

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