Astrological Tip of the Day ::

Be decisive about the direction of your life. Consider the question “What am I devoted to?” and listen deep within with focused concentration. Are you committed to the material world or something greater? Be 900% honest with yourself. Discern between the voice of truths, soul, intuition and the voice of falsehoods, fear, attachment. If you don’t like the answer, change your direction without hesitation. Assume responsibility for your life instead of looking to another to show you the way. You are at a crossroads and your choices can lead to greater clarity or a time of retribution. Transitioning from the outer world to the inner world brings deeply profound understandings. Your growth requires an optimistic outlook, enthusiasm for life and change, as well as creativity. See the divide as it is, a false duality and move forward beyond your own self-perceived boundaries. You got this. Now go for it!

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