Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day (Astrology)

Question the ego & forgive yourself. Avoiding critical self-righteousness & doubt, use your perceptive powers to question your will. Is it in harmony with Divine or cosmic will? If not, what falsehood is present? Transform your insecurity by destroying bad habits. Something that feels disastrous can lead to a remaking of your life from the deepest roots of creation. Offer your perceived personal limitations to the infinite creative intelligence that flows behind all life. Forgive yourself for all of your transgressions. Allow sublime grace & blissful victory to move through you & defeat all ignorance & sorrow. The supernal waters of truth purify & cleanse you. Meditate in the higher ocean of consciousness & soften yourself to the gentleness of life. Unconditional love is within you. Let its comforting arms encircle you & those around you. ❤

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