Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day

Integrate & consolidate. Over the past few days, you’ve taken time to examine your ego, principles & will. Now is the time to bring it all together. Realizing that you are one with the universal source of light, or sun, allows an integration of great insight plus practicality. Connection with this dynamic, focused energy extinguishes pettiness & limitation while allowing you to fully embody the principle of universality. Stay focused within & keeping in mind what you’ve discovered about yourself recently, initiate supportive routines & habits. Allow new into your life. The idea that you hold the universe within you brings a realization of your omnipresent individuality. As you identify with cosmos, your universal uniqueness becomes manifest in the outer world. Be sure the principles you are building from are true because making a move based on faulty principles will result in erroneous changes that bind instead of liberate. Take simple & practical steps toward the future remembering that all is one & one is all. 

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