Astrological Heads Up :: Surya, Rahu & Shani

:: Surya (Sun) is moving into the constellation of Kanya (Virgo) which marks the beginning of the Vedic month Asvina. As Surya shifts between star clusters it is best to hold off on any major decisions & instead reflect on the last month while setting intentions for this upcoming month.* Last month was focused on self-identity. This month, take the knowledge you’ve gained about yourself & move forward with it. Create healthy habits & routines. Improve your nutritional intake & personal/home hygiene. During Asvina the mind can become more discerning & critical. If you focus your energies appropriately you can create powerful self-enhancement practices & begin to see yourself as a spiritual being living in a material world. Connect your mind with a higher consciousness to bring balance into your life. Integrate this balance through selfless action & serve your community.

*Vedic months are not equal to our Gregorian months. They usually begin & end around the 16th of our monthly calendar.*

:: Shani (Saturn) & Rahu (north node of Moon) are practically holding hands right now for the next 10 days. This interplay of these two planets has been going on a bit less intensely for about a year & will continue for about another one. This brings a general raising of the Vata (air & ether) energy which will affect each person differently depending on their unique Ayurvedic constitution. Some may find their minds going out of control with anxiety. Some may find themselves catching colds or illnesses more easily. Some may find a pronounced increase in their creativity. Life can seem more stormy with frustration & impatience bubbling to the surface. To preserve your sanity & your relationships, approach everything with an extra degree of patience. Slow down & view things from a long-term perspective. Focus on where you are going & stick with your self-discipline. Helpful tools include: chanting mantra, taking naps, practicing long slow deep breathing, donating money to the homeless or materially less fortunate, reflecting on your fears to realize they always have a solution if you just relax & get creative. Remember change is the only constant & all this too shall pass.

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