Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Confront your mortality. If exploring issues around death leads you to feel angry, anxious or fearful, take time to ask yourself why. Why do these emotions surround your physical impermanence? Begin to see yourself as an expression of agni (spiritual fire) & offer your self-judgements as sacrifices to this flame. Perform a healing spiritual ceremony around this idea of purifying yourself from criticisms & gain a more universal view of your individuality as a Divine soul. You are independently transcendent; allow yourself to bask in beneficence. As your wisdom & faith expand into love & devotion, compassionately share your philosophical wisdom & original thoughts with humanity. Direct your ideals toward outer expressions of creativity & watch your prosperity flower. Without impulsiveness, directly follow your unique path. Like the eye of the hurricane, chart your own course from a place of calm quietude. You are a unicorn – magical, powerful, mystical & beyond all material definition. Embrace your fathomless nature.

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