Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Be steady & soft. Cultivate some self-control over your fluctuating emotions. Take some time alone today to encourage patience & cheerfulness. Play in the rain or waters to calm anger & aggression. Avoid deception & illusion by removing yourself from deep elemental drives. Like the dragon of the depths of the sea, bring your intuition & self-knowledge to the surface & find objectivity. Get to the heart of matters by releasing your rational judgement & instead listen to the voice of your soul. Be vulnerable in the sense of sharing your secrets & passions with those closest to you. Direct your energy with a generously kind hand as you travel through the expansiveness of your being & become accustomed to your inner vibrancy. Promise yourself something today. Make a larger-than-life promise that will benefit you in the future & that you can make continuous progress toward. Embrace your humanness & be your own support.

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