Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Observe the end of something as a new beginning on another level. Let any tendencies of low-self esteem, co-dependency or inferior feelings rest. There’s no need to solve any problems or deal with any difficulties; merely relax & enjoy some leisure time. Nurture your creative intelligence & awaken the power of your imagination. Express yourself artistically as you find beauty all around you. Begin a spiritual search with deep faith & dedication to a greater power. Integrate devotion into your wisdom. With clarity in the knowledge of reality, be sincere on your path of light as you welcome in abundance, rejuvenation & friendship. Be content with your achievements yet be inspired by empathy to continue learning & growing. Find simple joy & bliss in making love with a dear partner or yourself. We are in the womb of the divine feminine where all endings are revealed as well as new beginnings. Feel nurtured, loved & supported. Recognize the finality of time while you dance & play to the beat of its drum… creating your life.

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