Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Experience miracles. Consider where you find happiness in life. What brings you to bliss? Begin your journey toward balance & equilibrium today. Notice the thoughts of doubt that move in as you consider beginning something new. It’s okay to hesitate & consider the meaning of what you are about to do. Be dauntless in your exploration yet do not act impulsively or speak too carelessly. Seek your adventures, embody a thirst for life as you sacrifice your lower ego & mind to inner truth. Surrender your impulses to the Divine for if you are too willful or self-motivated, you will overextend yourself & become lost. Focus your journey on righteous actions & selfless deeds. As you explore duality, see the power of integrating these opposites to produce deeper self-transformation. There are mystical secrets hidden in duality. Convert your stubbornness, arrogance & aggression into power, playfulness, grace & beauty, like a horse taking flight. Be dynamic in your self-improvement activities & allow yourself to learn something new. Miracles & bliss are yours. Don’t be afraid to take that first step toward them.

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