Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Revisit & recommit. The ideas of a new journey that you formed yesterday are ready to begin. Establish a related discipline or turmoil will result. Use your will-power & self-control to overcome obstacles as you welcome personal transformation. Master instabilities by focusing on your life goals. Use your breath to create calm within. Let your conduct be virtuous & divine. If you feel entanglement within the world of material desires or illusions, have patience with yourself. Be truthful without judgement. Instead of suffering & struggling, redirect your energies toward your higher goals. Restlessness & irritability will only cause trouble for you. Self-sacrifice & psychological death (death of the lower ego) will guide you along your path of light. Consider the many great humans who sacrificed themselves for humanity. This type of sacrifice shows you the path through death to immortality. They reveal that what you eventually gain depends on what you are currently willing to give up. Like the elephant, you can carry the burden of humanity with strength & endurance while relying on love & devotion to take you beyond it. You will need patience, hard work & passion to remove impurities from your life & guide your soul to the next plane of existence. Release any possessiveness or controlling tendencies. Receive spiritual discipline & trust in the creative flow of the universe. Obstacles will move once you fully commit to your authentic self. It’s time to take action & begin.

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