Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Let your words & thoughts correspond to your present situation. This is the true meaning of Satya (truthfulness). As you consider your spiritual path use your inner fire to burn away negativity & cut through any illusions about your life or yourself. Be determined & ambitious in removing self-limiting habits without being overly critical. Strive to filter blunt truths with compassion & nurture yourself instead. Employ active relaxation techniques such as pranayama (breath work) & slow moving physical stretches. Direct your high imagination & tenacity toward achieving greatness in the material world. Nourish your creativity & remain receptive to bring a greater power from within. Aspire for radical changes in your social & personal life as you release passive-aggressive or combative behaviors. Be a spiritual warrior. Just as fire represents the spirit hidden within matter, this flame reveals your inner awareness & mindfulness. Find pleasure in healing & revitalizing activities in order to give birth to your light. You are a star of fire. Bring your light forth & share it with generous uninhibitedness & honesty.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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