Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day

Appreciate your experience of the material world through the senses. Under today’s star of sensuality, enjoy beauty, art, culture, music, flowers & greenery, fragrant smells as well as pleasing tactile sensations. Have reverence for Earth, walk barefoot on the land & meditate outside. Realize your pursuit of material objects as coming from a place of inner aspiration instead of merely practical urges. With tapas (self-discipline), you can have anything you want; just take care in what you ask for. Understand that you hold the entire universe within. Be receptive & devoted to this idea in order to bring bliss & nirvana into your earthly life. Release jealousy for this is not a zero sum world. You can be full without taking from another. Avoid the impulse to overindulge in comfort. Practice pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) to awaken your inner perceptions. Nurture your growth, creativity & movement. Travel throughout your day with feminine grace, charm & charisma. Give love freely & receive abundance.

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