Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Be light hearted & have fun. Socialize & communicate today. Enjoy poetry, music, writing or public speaking. Seek emotional balance & avoid confrontations. Under this star of searching, investigate & seek the delight that is hidden in all manifest forms. Enjoy yourself through your body & senses then allow this enjoyment to transcend the illusory nature of matter & move toward the spirit or soul to discover inner sources of happiness. Avoid fickleness & find firmness in your dearest views. The constant curious spiritual quest aligned with effort & consistency will give fulfillment & cover you with joy. No need to be excessively serious in your spiritual approach. Like the deer, be gentle, peaceful, adventurous, sensitive & perceptive. Harness your daring inquisitive mind & develop focus through activities requiring concentration. Spend some time in meditation & with long deep breathing or other healing pranayamas. Acquire & enjoy things to savor life & bask in exhilaration.

Yogis born under this star (Mrgashiras)? You may prefer a moving yoga practice but should perfect the seated asanas for stability & focus.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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