Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Release resistance to change. Dig deep & discover a lurking problem that you need to confront. Let go of old useless things (material & non-material) that you don’t need hanging around any longer. As deep troubling energies surface, know that you can’t ignore or hide them. Anything you repress will keep resurfacing & disturbing you until it is dealt with. Under this star of clarity today, see the struggle in the mind between material attainment & acquiring spiritual knowledge. Use Gyan yoga (knowledge & discernment) to comprehend the inner workings of your own mind as well as the universe. As you learn to deal with your inherent emotional qualities through focus & persistent effort, you can expect great material & spiritual rewards. Restrain your impulses & your lust for material things. Let go of pride. Remove any tendencies of complaining, violence toward others & ungratefulness. Strengthen friendliness, enthusiasm, deep feelings & passionate thinking. Be innovative as you carefully consider the consequences of your thoughts & actions. Like the clarity of a precious shining gem, understand that crisis & emotional release bring transformation. Like the lucidity that comes after a spring rainstorm, see the destabilization intrinsic in chaos as a necessary part of any new emergence or genesis. Do not fear pain, disease or poverty. Instead focus on the effects of your decisions, actions & thoughts. Alleviate the suffering of others to help soothe your own soul.

Born under this star (Ardra)? Yogis, restrain the impulse to jump between yoga styles. Daily pranayama practice is a must for peace & effectiveness in life.

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