Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Start your day by reconsidering the glimpses of clarity you had yesterday. If there’s still some eclipsing or shadowing & things aren’t quite clear, know that you can move through this. Welcome the turbulence. Embrace your emotional volatility. Be strong as you guide this rough energy to stimulate & enhance your transistions. Do not fear your darkness. Do not fear uncertainty. Constructively dwell in this space for the first part of the day. Do not deceive yourself or worry your mind. Actively improve your ability to be grateful & as you find appreciation for your difficulties, you will heal many wounds. Study the art of your emotions & let those that need to be liberated rise to the surface. Find a private space & cry, scream, laugh, growl or whatever you need to do to set yourself free. Then feel the arms of Ma, mother earth, a feminine nurturing energy encircle you, hold you & soothe you. For the entire end of the day feel comforted, cradled & cared for by an expansive loving earth goddess. You are here for a purpose. Do not be afraid to rise up & be who you are meant to be.

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