Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Continue to feel nurturing energy around you. Your healing has begun. Under this star of renewal begin to purify yourself & your personality to bring light into the darkness. See these two sides of you as a whole. Indivisible. Decisively integrate these personal dualities & feel abundantly blessed with what you have. Instead of worrying about trying to make everyone else happy, merely do good things & give back to your community. Be sensitive to the world around you & incorporate rationality into your emotions. Understand that life is yoga & you can practice yoga by renewing & healing close relationships or beginning a new project that will benefit others. Make activities that you enjoy your meditation practice today. Learn something new or develop a latent talent that you’ve ignored. Invite your intuition, emotional sensitivity & relationships to expand. Gather in this knowledge & energy to nourish yourself & others in a deeper way. The universe is encouraging you. Take that leap of faith & as you begin to fall, know that a soft feather mattress is waiting to catch you.

Born under this star (Punarvasu)? Philosophizing, guiding others in spiritual matters, writing, working in fields of psychology, social work, entertainment & publishing with be beneficial & feel natural for you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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