Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Encourage & support those around you. Humanitarian efforts & selfless service bring peace to your mind & emotions. Compassion transforms selfish tendencies & negative influences while allowing your to share your light generously. Reflect on your speech today & notice if it is sacred & exhaulted. Take care with your words & direct your wishes to help those you love. Have faith in yourself & aspire to blossom inwardly. Foster your soul with the nurturing waters of life. Create a spiritual practice for yourself today. There are no rules regarding this & if existing paths do not interest you, begin your own personalized way. Know that you must first contract in order to expand. Create a simple outward daily ritual using your imagination & allow this ritual to lead you into contemplation. The discipline & structure you embrace will allow your potentials to manifest. Be tranquil as you guide your emotional expression so it may be used as a positive creative force. Under this star of nourishment, create a spiritual energy that is mature, ethical & light. Take time today to really care for yourself & others.

Born under this star (Pushya)? You can find joy in acting as a spiritual teacher, business or political leader, defender of the public welfare, as well as expression in creative & artistic fields.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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