Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Do battle with adversaries of your spiritual journey. Any personality traits or habits that are holding you back need to be dealt with today. Taking seemingly harsh but necessary actions will allow you to overcome barriers to your well-being. Choose your activities wisely as the hidden areas of your life begin to declare themselves. Explore your mystical side & uncover the knowledge & awareness hidden in your subconscious emotional nature. Find the courage to face reality as it is & not how you’d like it to be. Use your discrimination to eliminate ignorance. Be honest & clear with yourself & act with integrity in your life. Manipulation of others & deception will only cause suffering. Penetrate the hidden areas of your soul & mind. Understand the deeper motivations beneath the clouds of emotional & subconscious influences. Under this star of the serpent, see the promises of Divine wisdom, prosperity & the uplifting power of sexual energy. Do not fear danger or trouble because in human existence, pain is unavoidable yet suffering is not required. Seek enlightenment & master your intuitive wisdom with the innocence of the mind. Tap into your unlimited life force, the kundalini energy, that reserve of unbridled creative power you hold within. Let it lose. Be free.

Born under this star (Ashlesha)? You can find success & joy as a yoga teacher, astrologer or mystic. Working in the fields of addiction & sexuality as a therapist or counselor is also natural.

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