Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::


Listen to your spirit guides, your ancestors, today. Study ancient knowledge & lineages of established traditions. As you connect with time-honored cultural strengths, strive to maintain the great influences of the past while letting prejudices & arrogance fall away. Under this star of power, harness your strength & leadership qualities. Welcome in wealth & resources without allowing them to be a distraction. Channelling your ambition to serve others will balance egoistic tendencies by bringing kindness & humility to your demeanor. Know it is necessary to have a strong balanced ego so the soul can accomplish its mission. Acknowledge your passion & greatness. Be the mighty one as you aspire to truth. Release perfectionistic standards to help calm self-doubt. Know that any doubt you may have can help bring you into a deeper connection with the profound potentials of your soul. Consider your relationship with your father, teachers & father-type authority figures in your life. Ask yourself if you need recognition or attention from others to feel validated. Realize that only the connection to your eternal self can truly appease your doubt. See your life as a sacred fire. Everything you do is a ritual to support this divine light shining from within & around you. Gather the best of the knowledge you’ve acquired, continue learning & go forth with purpose to help, serve & honor your world.

Born under this lunar star (Magha)? Find success & enjoyment in the dramatic arts, being recognizable or famous, as management or being self-employed. The fields of research & history are also conducive for you.

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