Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::


See your life as thing of beauty. Find enjoyment in your rituals & delight in who you are. Spend time in your emotional realm today instead of the mind. Creative activities, rest & relaxation can all be approached as meditation today. Celebrate your life by taking it easy. Guide your dynamic exuberance into pleasurable areas of revitalization. Invite direct experiences that allow you to cultivate kindness, generosity & loyalty to those close to you. Move toward sources of delight & happiness. Notice if you reach for joy through the outer world or inner world. Are you a materialist or spiritual seeker? Balance self-sabotaging tendencies of overindulgence by developing tapas (discipline) in your life with basic things like fasting or dressing simply. Under this star of pleasure, tap into your inherent joy & express yourself happily to others. Avoid identifying with a false image of who you think you are in the material world in order to curb self-glorification & ego gratification. Discover your soul’s aspiration, listen to your heart’s desire & inspire others with your love of life. Be content with yourself & shower yourself with affection.

Born under this star (Purva Phalguni)? You can find success and freedom as a performer (music, art, dance, drama, modeling, etc) or as part of the media (film, photography, radio). Expressing yourself as a teacher, professor or marital therapist is also viable.

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