Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

th-2Consider all of your relationships. There are always opportunities for growth. Focus on steadiness & long term results as you work to support & maintain your beneficial relationships. Build intimacy with a close partner through yoga, meditation or a sincere spiritual path. See the joy in love, marriage & relationships. Hold compassion, kindness & generosity toward others. Give help & friendship to those who are suffering without being a rescuer. Devoting the fruits of your labor to a higher good (karma yoga) will curb any inclinations toward codependency or over-giving. Under this star of patronage & support direct your loving nature toward unity in your relationships. Although you can learn much about yourself through a partner, take care not to lose yourself in another person or allow others to take advantage of your kindness. Help others from a place of strength as a catalyst for transformation but do not waste time trying to assist those who are not willing to help themselves. Befriend aloneness inbetween your services to others. Your relationship with yourself is of the highest priority. Finding love for yourself allows you to love others in a more balanced & nourishing way. Remember that all of your relationships should feed & nurture you. Do they?

Born under this star (Uttara Phalguni)? Concentrating, researching & healing others comes naturally. You can find enjoyment & success in fields of charitable work & in expressions like social work, public health, writing, astrology, public relations, sales or media.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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