Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

th-2Focus on practical methods of self-development. Use your physical & mental skills to manifest what you seek right into the palms of your hands. Under this star of skills, find inspiration in industriousness & hard work. Be sensitive, adaptable & humorous in your work to bring right order to all aspects of your being. Use your creative intelligence to guide your hands in the creation of things that express beauty, truth & their ideal nature. Engage your intellect in your spiritual process. Study things like astrology, yoga, ayurveda, languages & other empirical techniques of a spiritual nature. Let your gifts manifest through your hands. Improve & organize your material world according to a higher ideal & see the importance of the underlying spirit in all. Check in with your immediate environment & change anything necessary in order to stay healthy. Enjoy lush green landscapes today to relax any stress or critical impatience. Uncover your own inner truth with a receptive mind & open heart. Reflect the truth of your inner archetype. Remember the only control you truly have is over yourself. As you begin to bring more practical awareness inward, you will find the world naturally shifts & molds around you.

Born under the star of Hasta? A lovely star for crafts(wo)men, artists, writers, teachers, students, advisors, counselors, psychotherapists, healers, astrologers, sales people, communication professionals, event planners & those who work in the travel industry.

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