Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

gemsLet your originality & personal flair shine today. You are like a brilliant gem; unique, beautiful & bright. Allow yourself to shine in your ideas, personal charisma, artistic craftsmanship, skill & prowess. Do your work with a sense of chivalry, honor & grace. Use your analytical mind in a balanced elegant fashion. Know that you have the pearl of Divine spirit within you. You are the architect of your own life, prosperity & longevity. Build something of beautiful quality. Enjoy the appreciation of others without getting caught up in influence or appearances. Be mindful of illusions to avoid delusion. Though you may be content with an imagined idea of something, it is necessary to do the work to bring those creative expressions to life. Harness your passionate nature to manifest your designs. Under this star of opportunity, know that anything is possible. Approach the infiniteness of your nature with modesty, generosity & mindfulness. Let it all come to you.

Born under the lunar star of Chitra? Traditional archetypes that find success here are architects, interior designers, jewelers, fashion designers, creative business people, artists, those who desire deeper knowledge, writers, publishers, media, detectives, lawyers, judges & military.

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