Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

saraswati riverConsider your motives. Focusing solely on personal gain will create discontent. Expand your view to emphasize gains in your community & social circles. Your restless side needs some positive change. Committing to your health will lead you to thrive through all life changes. Moving through life in a relaxed fashion will help you stay on track & command your powerful intellect. Under this star of learning, read & study while spending time alone. Along your journey, allow more appreciation of beauty & strive for sweetness in your communications. Standing by Truth with modesty & compassion will help you use your influence to inspire others & destroy boundaries instead of for devisive purposes. Create something virtuous, healing & lasting today. Also, without acting too quickly, remove something negative from your life. It’s time for a renovation.

Born under this lunar star of Swati? Traditional archetypes suggest you find a natural place in leadership roles & independence is highly valued. You can find success as a yoga teacher, spiritual guide, religious leader, stock broker or travel agent.

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