Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Today, I woke up in a hotel room because the apartment needed to be aired out overnight due to a plumbing issue. Annoying, yes, but hey, it precipitated this mini-vacation I’m currently enjoying. What does this have to do with a self-inquiry tip? Everything. After my morning practice it dawned on me that I had no resources at hand to work on my self-inquiry tip. Plus the hotel does not have free wifi. I started to feel distraught not only because this writing is part of my daily sadhana (spiritual practice) but I also did not want to let you, the reader, down. Under this star of purpose, my focus became a fixation. I HAD to get this post done. I HAD to find a way to make it happen. Then the voice of one of my greatest teachers, my husband, came in & said examine your attachment to your daily tip. My first reaction was a sassy half-joke of ‘why don’t you examine your own attachment to your practice’. Then we proceeded to find a coffee shop so I could connect to the internet & write. So here I am, the epitome of an example of the shadowy side of this lunar star. While my goal is pure in intention, the frantic way I fixated on it is not ideal. 

Be focused in your life today. Have a one-pointed concentration on beneficial goals. Stay on track toward things that will uplift you & those around you. Keep your goals wholesome instead of getting trapped by ceremony & pomp. Be courteous today & consciously follow the right path. Focusing on what you have instead of what you lack will fill the void you sometimes feel inside. If negative feelings & thoughts arise today, observe them like a scientist then counter them with a positive opposite to discount their hold on you. Confront your obstacles with a sense of purpose yet do not let them absorb you. 

Born under this nakshatra (Vishakha)? Traditional archetypal paths that lead to success are military, law, executives, party & event planning & mediation. 

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