Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Do you ever find yourself trying to organize your emotions? Applying labels or putting them into categories or attempting to create logical sense of them? I know I do. My thought process usually goes something like this… ‘I’m feeling frustrated (or any emotion). What does this mean? Why? What led me to feel this way? How do I change it or stop it?’ Yikes! What I really need to do at this point is stop my mind from trying to overanalyze my feelings. Emotions, by their nature, are mysterious. We may be able to logically pinpoint the incident that led us to respond in a certain way but the why and the attempts to stop the flow of this self-communication are a waste of energy.

If your emotions are overpowering or very vocal, just let them be. Take a moment alone with this inner voice. These guides. Your feelings. And if you can’t go sit under a tree or leave the office or magically transport yourself to the beach, you can always close your eyes to be instantly alone. Tell those around you to wait just a minute, close your eyes and breathe into the emotions that are running rampant within. Watch them climb mountains and race with wild horses. Observe them doing backflips or destroying buildings. Let them be. Let them do whatever it is they need to do as you simply sit and breathe. In this way, you are not fighting the natural flow of your being. You are allowing things to process themselves without getting all worked up or over-analytical. I find it to be a much calmer way to live and calm creates peace within. Peace within leads to peace outside of you. Let’s bring more peace into our environments.

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