Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Spending time with a hospice patient really has a way of shaking up my understanding of my beliefs. Though I’ve known the importance of forgiveness, I never saw first hand just how much it can eat away at mental, physical and emotional health. As I talk to my new friend, I hear her speak of old grudges, long past wrongdoings of others, her own transgressions and I wonder just how much of these holdings are making her physically ill. Her unhappiness stems from life events that have no bearing on the present. Her tears fall not for others but for the empty pit she has allowed to grow within herself.

I am now refusing to dig this well of loneliness in me. I gladly pardon all who have wronged me. I absolve myself for the hurts I’ve caused others. Most importantly I forgive my unkind offenses toward my own existence. Under the invincible star of Purva Ashadha, I surrender my limitations and trust in something greater. I patiently invite divine grace to flow through me so I can begin anew. All is one and one is all. It’s time to start acting like it.

What are you holding onto that is making you sick? What do you need to forgive so your real life can begin? Know that forgiveness comes from within you. You don’t need any absolution from anyone else. Only you can release yourself from that pit of lonely despair and anger. Climb out, be free and embrace your true infinitely beautiful nature. Oneness.

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