Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

Yesterday I began learning “Walk” by Pantera on the viola. Yes! At first, my logical brain was struggling. Trying to watch the movement of my teacher’s fingers on the guitar and then attempting to translate it to my own instrument. Very challenging. Then a moment came where I let go. I surrendered to the sound and the flow of the notes. I closed my eyes and listened. My fingers began to move of their own accord. Sure I messed up quite a bit but I just kept going. I let the music inhabit me and I became one with all. The viola and I were one. My teacher and I were one. The song and I were one. As we all merged into oneness, the playing just happened. I began to smile uncontrollably and tears welled up in my eyes. I felt a happiness surge through me as I melted into my own life’s song.

True wealth is oneness. The happiness we all seek is in the understanding that we really are all connected, that we truly are all one. Behind the material definitions we’ve accepted is a universal musical rhythm. Under this star of symphony (Dhanisthana), listen to your inner song. Uncover your unique arrangement and with optimism, offer it to the world. Do something today that allows you to feel part of a bigger existence. Find what connects your humanity to the realm of the gods, of infinity, of divine grace. Use this material world as a creative force. Heal yourself with your own melody.

*Many thanks to my teachers, Mark & Joan*

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