Astrological Heads Up :: Surya & Shukra

Here we are, mid-gregorian month, at the beginning of a new vedic month, Kartika. Surya (Sun) is moving into Tula (Libra). Take today and tomorrow to reflect on the past month. Consider what you’ve done to create healthful habits in your life as suggested in last months heads up. Then move forward with the idea of balance on your mind. For this month, make balance your priority. This can look differently for everyone as we each need unique mixtures of life’s essentials. Keep your healthy habits going in a harmonious fashion. Resolve any opposites you may be holding in your mind, emotions, body, soul and life in general. Express your ideals with devoted sensitivity. Enjoy the beauty of life as it swirls around you. Be sure you don’t cause disharmony in your search for ideal balance. Remember that the scales are always see-sawing and balance doesn’t mean a perfect static state. Balance is when you can move gracefully with the changes around you and inside of you.

At the end of October, Shukra (Venus) moves into Dhanus (Sagittarius). This can bring a new expansiveness into your partnerships and your connection to Divine love. Your relationship can bloom into full harmony here as long as you don’t become overly critical of your significant other. Instead of looking for faults in others see their natural grace. A desire for freedom might appear here but be sure to fairly consider all aspects of any situation before cutting ties. Love and play with purpose and beneficence as you turn your heart toward a higher ideal.

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