Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ::

I was talking about endings and beginnings the other day with a dear friend. He spoke of a hard break up with his last partner and how all he could see at the time was the end of something beautiful. Now, months later, he can clearly see the actual beginning that occurred right at the time of their separation. He now sees the start of his new journey that began with the break up. His path as a man with an abundance of time to put toward self-improvement and growth has been in full swing for some months now. All of the amazing changes occurring for him needed that break up as a catalyst.

Today’s lunar stars (Revati & Ashwini) are about transitions. Notice what may be naturally coming to an end or where you yourself have instigated an ending. Know that endings and beginnings are one in the same. Any time something ends, the change brings about a new path. With emotionally charged endings it can be difficult to see the fresh start right away but it is there just waiting for your attention and your welcoming embrace.

As I ready myself to delete my facebook page today (yes I picked today astrologically), I know that this ending will allow a new beginning. The energy I put into social media will now be directed elsewhere. I’m admittedly nervous and many thoughts keep running through my mind… Will people stay in touch? Will anyone read my blog? How will I know what’s going on with my friends? Then I remember what my relationships were like before facebook and realize that everything will be just fine. I trust that any door I close leads to another more amazing door opening. See you on the other side… of social media that is. xo

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