Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day ~

I was speaking with a private client recently and he was sharing his supremely intense internal discoveries as of late. We’ve been working together for a few years now and his personal practices have been steady and focused yet flexible and responsive to his continued growth. He is elated with the fact that he is now finding the ability to act upon his authentic truth, his soul’s voice, coming more easily. He has come to a point where he can see the fruits of the past 16 plus years of struggle. The difficulties that closed him off to his heart, the fighting that created a hard shell around him are now the reasons that he can emerge from this armor. I have never seen him so present and so full. He is embodying his true self and even though it’s scary, he must go on. The universe in turn is responding openly and abundantly to his courage and vulnerability. His business is booming and his long-time marriage is the best its ever been. He is literally overflowing with love and optimism. He is floating in the current of his life with complete trust that the greater powers he is subject to will not lead him astray. He is quite a sight to see and absolutely compelling to be around.

Riding on the wave of the full moon and the lunar star Ashwini, take the next hour (until 11:09a HST) to create a higher goal based on good intentions. You can even attempt to establish connections that will help set things in motion. Then let it be. As the lunar star of Bharani appears, moving toward a goal will begin to feel more like a struggle. It will also be easier to mislead yourself with impetuous decisions. What will be more beneficial is to consider the goal you set and begin to remove obstructions that you are aware of or take steps to prevent foreseeable obstacles to your honorable goal. If your efforts begin to feel troublesome, take comfort in the fact that many personal breakthroughs are preceded by struggles. Welcome the challenges instead of antagonizing them. Let them produce gentle progressive change instead of internal violence and war. Trust in the flow of life and in yourself.

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