Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day & Poem ::

krittikaOn the tail end of the lunar star Bharani, consider if there are any other obstructions you can remove from your life. At 12:21p HST (22:21p GMT), Chandra (Moon) moves into the lunar star of Krittika and will be there until 14:06p HST on Monday 10/21 (00:06 GMT on Tuesday 10/22).

Krittika brings the ability to cut through things. You can use this time to penetrate deeply inward and burn away any self limiting thoughts or ideas. If you tell yourself or hear things like “I’m not smart (pretty, talented, funny, successful, fit, ______) enough”, take a piece of paper and write all those beliefs down then burn them. Create a sacred fire and with ceremony, burn that paper and give those perceived limitations back to source, god, universe, space. On a more outward level, bring to mind something that you think you can’t do. Maybe you think you can’t dance, play an instrument, draw, ask for a raise or a better job, introduce yourself to that striking person you want to know better, squash an old grudge, surf, etc… Pick one thing that has been haunting you, one thing that you believe is out of your reach. Now take a solid step toward it. Sign up for a class, lesson or workshop, begin a letter to that person you have’t spoken with in years, set a meeting with your boss, begin working on a new resume, say hello to the stranger you’d like to know. Take any action, no matter how small, that will begin to create lasting change in your life. Even one tiny step toward that impossibility will be wondrous.

“You are no great hero,

No degenerate creature of evil;

You are a balance of

All Existing Forces.

You Are Enough.”

~Vanice Medley

*artist of Krittika Nakshatra ~unknown*

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