Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day :: Make a Wish

If you didn’t have a chance to do a fire ceremony yesterday, there’s still time to take advantage of Krittika. I decided to do one last night and thought I’d write down only a couple of things to offer to the flames. Once I had written two of my major perceived limitations, I paused thinking that was all. Then from somewhere deeper, the flood came. By then end of my writing, I had half a page of unfounded silly ideas that I’ve held about myself for a long time. I call them silly a little flippantly but in reality they were chiseled into a stone tablet and I lived my life by them without even really realizing it. For this blog entry I tried to decide which one was the biggest or most important but alas that can’t be deciphered. They were all quite huge weights on my soul. As that fire burned my smile spread. As the ashes drifted into the night air, my mind felt freer and my body felt lighter. Svaha. Svaha. Svaha.

At 14:06p HST today, Chandra (Moon) moves into the lunar mansion of Rohini. For 1 ½ hours at this time, the universe is ripe for granting wishes. Not like a fairy godmother or anything but you can definitely plant a seed without any troubles. Train your mind toward your devotions, joys, loves and passions. Be creative in your dreams for growth. This is an extremely fertile advantageous time. Be pure in your aspirations and garner the universe’s blessings. Now it’s time to make a wish. Seriously. Dream bigger and see yourself in that vision. Make your wish thoughtfully and carefully so as not to create difficulties for yourself in the future.

After 15:36p HST don’t do much on any large scale. In fact, just clean your house and donate any unwanted possessions. If you feel yourself resisting the possibilities of your earlier wish coming true, clean your mind as well. Sit in silence and observe your thoughts as they come and go. Create an opposite affirmative thought for every negating one that appears. Do this for as long as you like. Donate those defeatist thoughts. Let the pure silence of source absorb them into nonexistence.

*artist unknown*

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